A pair of sunglasses next to a pair of reading glasses

With a maverick writing style that’ll take your breath away, you have just gained access to the Top Gun of blog posts: the top 1 percent; the elite; the best of the best. So get a G suit on, strap into a cockpit, head above the hard deck, and prepare to get inverted. You’re about to enter the highway to the Quattro Zone!

Now that my obligatory 80s-related introduction is out of the way, let me dive into the meat of this blog post. I literally crave reading. I yearn for it. I barely watch any television; instead, I cram as much reading time as possible into my day. A book, magazine and graphic novel regularly sit collectively atop my nightstand.

And as your friendly neighborhood B2B copy editor — primarily tasked with improving the readability of your marketing —that’s a good thing.

It All Comes Back to Copy

Why? Bring it back to the basics. While videos on TikTok or YouTube may garner precious audience attention, when those potential customers head to your website and want to learn how your company operates (doing whatever it is you do) so well and why they should spend their hard-earned money on your product or service, what will be the ultimate point of differentiation between you and countless competitors?

If you’re smart, the answer is “writing”. You can have the greatest doo-hicky in the world, but if your collateral pieces do not effectively convey and support it — if they don’t read well in terms of professional appearance, tout overused industry jargon and/or technical terms, and contain spelling, grammatical and syntax errors (the epitome of Amateur Hour, in my opinion) — you may as well close up shop. Because you may not be in business for too much longer.

Know Your Stuff

A college professor once said in a class, “A nice suit and a friendly smile may get you in the door. But once you’re there, you’d better have something important to say.” Similarly, regardless of whatever method you use to attract interest in your organization and/or product, you need to write at a high level to market it most effectively. Trade publications, industry peers and media outlets will seek additional copy and eloquent quotes about your insights, processes and procedures. If you can’t craft high-level public relations/marketing prose to establish a position of thought leadership, it’ll be evident immediately.

Execute Strategy Wisely

In order to accomplish this successfully, you’ll need to logically build an articulate argument that goes beyond “We think it’s cool.” This will entail descriptions of features and benefits, case studies proving viability in the field, fact sheets, user reviews and recommendations, and longer-form content pieces such as manuals and reference guides supplemented (i.e., this is the dessert, not the main course) with visual pieces that may include product photography, videos, illustrations and diagrams.

Find the Right People

Myriad consultants and smaller firms specialize in one or two aspects of professional communications. But if you need a full-service agency — one with proven capabilities spanning corporate communications, media relations, social media, advertising, video production, long-form copywriting and copy editing, drop us a line.

And tell them Quattro sent you. I’ll be your wingman anytime.