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We know work can be hard (even stressful sometimes), with difficult tasks and seemingly impossible deadlines. With that in mind, we’ll do our absolute best to be a bright spot in your day.

And if geeking out on some technical detail is your thing, you’ll be in good company.

  • Brian McGill Team Member Photo
    Brian McGill

    As a developer, Brian focuses on applying HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies within content management systems like Drupal and WordPress. When he’s not tinkering with code and website development, Brian enjoys tackling small projects around his house and playing the saxophone.

    Brian McGill Team Member Photo Thumbnail
  • Denny-Geglein-team-member
    Denny Geglein

    Denny skillfully oversees the distribution of literature and materials for our clients. But marketing wasn’t always in his blood. Denny spent more than 30 years working in information technology for one of Dayton’s premier industrial component manufacturers. That’s why he not only understands our customers’ needs but has no problem maintaining our inventory and order management systems. Like many of us, Denny is a die-hard fan of the University of Dayton Flyers.

  • Ashley-Huddleston-team-member
    Ashley Huddleston
    Account Director

    Ashley is responsible for client product launch planning and execution. A graduate of the University of Mount Union, our “Purple Raider” utilizes her skills and experiences to stay organized and exceed expectations. While not at work, this coffee lover enjoys reading, shopping, and spending time with family and friends.

  • Chris-Eifert-team-member
    Chris Eifert

    Chris is living proof that engineers have feelings, too. Contrary to his engi-nerd, even-keeled exterior, he is brimming with emotions beneath the surface. Does this help him better relate to and understand our clients and their highly engineered products and services? You bet. It also means he can find the emotional threads in campaigns that connect with their target audiences, who are — you guessed it — often engineers themselves.

  • Melissa-Herr-team-member
    Melissa Herr
    Account Supervisor

    A materials science and engineering graduate from the University of Michigan, Melissa never shies away from technically complex, challenging tasks. Her engineering background and B2B marketing expertise allow her to comprehend our clients’ technical products and infuse their programs with the elements necessary to solidify results. Outside of work, she enjoys playing pickleball, listening to audiobooks and traveling.

  • Lorie-DeFries-team-member
    Lorie DeFries
    Senior Account Executive

    With a rich history of marketing roles throughout her career, Lorie supports agency clients by strategically helping them develop and deliver creative marketing programs to reach their campaign goals. When not working on ROI, lead generation and the like, Lorie logs odometer miles driving her kids to their sporting events, taking their pictures, and single-handedly keeping the iced tea industry afloat.

  • Kevin-Meyers-team-member
    Kevin Meyers
    Art Director

    Kevin has three decades of design and production experience and has worked for several Dayton-area advertising agencies. Aside from his wealth of design knowledge, Kevin, a lifelong Boston Red Sox and Buckeye fan, knows a thing or two about baseball.

  • Photo of Karen Salles
    Karen Salles
    Senior Media Specialist

    With 15 years of career experience in marketing roles, Karen is prepared to work with publications to craft and execute the most beneficial media plans for our clients. When she’s out of the office, you can find her traveling with her family in their RV on their quest to reach all 48 contiguous U.S. states and Canada!

    Photo of Karen Salles
  • Michelle-Crawley-team-member
    Michelle Crawley
    Senior Director, Public Relations

    Michelle is an accomplished and creative B2B marketing communications professional. As our senior director of public relations, she excels at not only telling client stories, but also sharing them with the right audiences. When not making our clients famous, you can find her at CycleBar, reading a good book, or spending time with her family at OSU football and Cincinnati Reds baseball games.

  • Joshua McGee
    Joshua McGee
    Senior Social Media Specialist

    Joshua uses marketing and media to promote our clients effectively and collaborate with our team to create compelling social media and PR content. Outside of work, he loves weekend getaways with his wife and spending time with their German Shepherd, Leonardo. And did we mention he’s a drummer?

    Joshua McGee Thumb
  • Stacey-Alspaugh-team-member
    Stacey Alspaugh
    Lead Production Designer

    Stacey is responsible for designing and producing an array of client materials such as brochures, technical bulletins and manuals, trade show booth graphics, flyers, and more. When she isn’t hanging out with her Shih Tzu Teddy and Beagle Daisy, you can find her in a garden harvesting fresh fruits and veggies (we love when she shares) or recording personal bests on her Peloton.

  • Lindsay Welton team photo
    Lindsay Welton
    Graphic Designer

    Lindsay joins the ranks of our talented School of Advertising Art alumni in her production role. Her fine arts background allows her to design with a detail-oriented eye while working in a plethora of media. When she’s not creating incredible designs at work, she enjoys painting, crocheting, discovering new music, and spoiling her two cats.

    Lindsay Welton team photo thumbnail
  • Dan-Williams-team-member
    Dan Williams
    Senior Designer

    Dan displays a high level of enthusiasm and dedication to any artistic endeavor or project he undertakes. This can be anything in the realm of web and print design, art or photography projects. Dan’s lunch breaks are often spent pumping iron in our office gym. Other than spending time outside with his family, the Dayton native enjoys nature photography, drawing and riding his motorcycle.

  • Jon-Berry-team-member
    Jon Berry
    Senior Copywriter

    Jon’s passionate about transforming complex, technical subject matter into all forms of digestible B2B marketing content. When not researching and writing, he’s an active drummer on the Dayton music scene and lends support to his family’s equestrian adventures.

  • Hannah-Eisenhauer-team-member
    Hannah Eisenhauer
    Senior Media Manager

    Hannah studies economic indicators and tracks supply and demand changes to best identify growth strategies through digital marketing. In addition, she applies her analytical thinking and expertise to web, SEO, SEM, database marketing, email, social media and programmatic advertising campaigns. Outside of the office, Hannah and her husband enjoy staying active (and competitive!) and exploring SoCal as new San Diego residents.

  • John-Acquavita-team-member
    John Acquavita
    Copy Editor

    Quattro (he was the fourth TriComB2B employee named “John”) uses his “particular set of skills” to prevent errors in any marketing material we produce. His career encompasses positions in the news, publishing, and advertising industries in both Philadelphia and Baltimore. A loyal fan of the N.Y. Giants, 1980s hair bands and B-level action movies, Quattro’s sense of humor always keeps the office mood light when deadlines loom.

  • Photo of Erin Rogers
    Erin Rogers
    Senior Director, Agency Operations

    Erin brings to the agency more than 20 years of communications and marketing experience. Often heeding her motto, “This calls for a spreadsheet!,” she routinely organizes data via said method. When Erin isn’t managing agency projects or prioritizing client workflow, the perpetual Pinterest pinner can be seen spending time with her family — her husband and their twin daughters — or playing tennis. Watch out, Wimbledon!

    Photo of Erin Rogers
  • Melissa Hooper
    Melissa Hooper
    Senior Account Executive

    Melissa is our resident Canuck. With a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, over a decade of marketing experience and advanced technical proficiency, she is a vital resource for our clients. After work, she is most likely in a car; managing her four children’s busy sports schedules is akin to operating a full-time carpool service! When not cheering at a hockey rink, she is usually walking her Bernese Mountain Dog, Ruth, or traveling cross-country.

    Melissa Hooper
  • Tom Tumbusch
    Tom Tumbusch
    Senior Copywriter

    It’s hard to fit all of Tom’s experience and expertise into a few sentences. With names like Disney, Lucasfilm, and Procter & Gamble, he’s earned his nickname of “Obi-Tom” as the writer to call when he is the “only hope”. But being our senior copywriter isn’t the only thing Tom enjoys; he and his wife took up kayaking over the pandemic, and he also loves anything history related. 

    Tom Tumbusch
  • Scott-Rogers-team-member
    Scott Rogers
    Account Supervisor

    Scott brings more than 15 years of marketing and communications experience to his client services role at TriComB2B. Before he entered the world of marketing, he worked for several of Dayton’s professional arts organizations. In fact, he has logged time in every theatre in Dayton — except the one where TriComB2B’s offices are currently located.

  • Andrew-Humphrey-team-member
    Andrew Humphrey
    Senior Director, Media Strategy

    Andrew is one of our digital marketing experts here at TriComB2B. He has helped technically oriented clients grow and convert their web traffic for more than a decade using his creativity, data-driven approaches and commitment to professionalism. When not at work, you can probably find him playing his guitar or jogging in the woods.

  • Joe Gauder TriComB2B
    Joe Gauder
    Account Supervisor

    Joe has marketing communications on the brain and sincere interests in helping clients solve complex problems and connect with their intended audiences. When not in the office, he loves spending time with his family, playing soccer, and supporting his favorite European club team. Did we mention he’s also a bourbon lover?

    Joe Gauder TriComB2B thumbnail
  • Lauren Sadowski team member
    Lauren Sadowski
    Art Director

    Lauren, TriComB2B’s third School of Advertising Art alumnus, always designs with a fresh perspective. She has had her work displayed in art museums and galleries and was also featured in GDUSA Magazine as a “designer to watch”. When she’s not at work, you can find her swooning over vinyl records and re-watching Wes Anderson films (for what must be the 100th time).

    Lauren Sadowski Thumbnail
  • Erin Cottingim team member photo
    Erin Cottingim
    Senior Account Coordinator

    Erin supports the agency’s marketing automation efforts to optimize the digital presence of our clients. This Ohio Northern grad (go, Bears!) loves playing sand volleyball and going to SPENGA with her mom. And as our resident Survivor expert, you can usually find her binging a new season on the weekend — then telling everyone about it on Monday!

    Erin Cottingim team member photo thumbnail
  • Mike-Bell-team-member
    Mike Bell
    VP, Chief Creative Officer

    As a creative director within several Midwest agencies, Mike has delivered ROI on scores of projects for B2B and B2C customers alike. Most recently from that state up north (i.e., Michigan), the UM fan now lives in OSU country, where both of his children attended. When not discovering new restaurants and exploring parks with his wife, Mike enjoys illustrating and reading.

  • Kayla Bradstreet
    Kayla Bradstreet
    Senior Account Executive

    With a background in the manufacturing, aerospace and defense sectors, Kayla is right at home in the digital B2B marketing space. When she’s not hard at work, she’s likely walking her dog, cheering at her son’s soccer games, or attempting to complete a New York Times crossword puzzle without cheating.

    Kayla Bradstreet thumbnail
  • Danielle Morgan team photo
    Danielle Morgan
    Account Director

    Danielle is a veteran marketing and brand strategist, with nearly a decade of marcom experience. A native of sunny Arizona, she and her family use their free time to explore the incredible restaurants and coffee shops within their hometown of Gilbert.

    Danielle Morgan team photo thumbnail
  • Photo of Greg Setter, Account Director
    Greg Setter
    Senior Director, Accounts

    Greg is an experienced B2B marketer on both the client and agency sides. He grew up in the agency business, working at a family-owned shop. When he’s not helping our clients plan and execute marketing strategies, he’s likely fixing something. This self-proclaimed motorhead enjoys restoring classic cars and maintaining his house; he always has some sort of remodel or upgrade in progress.

    Photo of Greg Setter, Account Director
  • Whitney-Alexander-team-member
    Whitney Alexander
    Senior Director, Accounts

    Whitney leads our account teams in the research, development and execution of marketing plans that will position our clients for growth. She’s been instrumental in guiding our clients through some of their most complex and largest launches. Whitney is a former college basketball player at Walsh University (go, Cavaliers!). When she’s not making sure she’s still got her jump shot, she’s exploring Dayton with her husband Miles, daughter Poppy and Beagle lab mix Tucker.

  • Kaitlyn Kraus Team Member
    Kaitlyn Kraus
    Agency Marketing & Partner Manager

    Kaitlyn is responsible for taking on all things related to TriComB2B and the agency’s BBN partnership, including: managing and developing marketing programs as well as collaborating with local and global agency partners. After business hours, this yogi practices catching the calm at a local studio.

    Kaitlyn Kraus Team Member Thumbnail
  • Pattie Kushner: Senior Counselor, Public Relations
    Pattie Kushner
    Senior Counselor, Public Relations

    As an expert in strategic communications, Pattie has extensive experience leading companies through high-stakes crises. She anticipates and addresses issues without losing sight of the long game — effectively building brands, protecting reputations, and achieving results. It’s no surprise that she is an avid hiker who embraces a “no road, no problem” mantra.

    Pattie Kushner: Senior Counselor, Public Relations thumbnail
  • Nicole Johnson Team Member Photo
    Nicole Johnson
    Office Manager

    If you call us at TriComB2B, Nicole will be the first person with whom you’ll speak — and undoubtedly put a smile on your face! Her organized and detail-oriented personality keeps the agency running smoothly, even on the busiest days. Outside of the office, she enjoys trying out different dining experiences and spending time with her family and friends.

    Nicole Johnson thumbnail
  • Jonah-Otchy-team-member
    Jonah Otchy
    Creative Director

    Jonah started his career in B2B. Always in search of the unexpected idea, he’s delivered award-winning work for clients worldwide. He photographs his vacations on a vintage film camera and believes there’s soul to analog. If he’s not having dance parties with his three daughters, you’ll find him at Dorothy Lane Market trying to be a Top Chef.

  • Photo of Abby Crotty
    Abby Crotty
    Digital Media Specialist

    The latest agency University of Dayton alumna, Abby assists in the strategic development of clients’ digital campaigns. When she’s not boosting their digital marketing efforts, you can find her listening to Taylor Swift (any other Swifties out there?), cooking, spending time with her friends and family, or discovering places around Dayton.

    Photo of Abby Crotty thumbnail
  • Todd-Miller-team-member
    Todd Miller
    Manager of Marketing Technology

    Todd has more than 20 years of experience in the field of web development and programming. Throughout his career, he has gained substantial collective knowledge of JavaScript, PHP, HTML5 and CSS3 — all core technologies when bringing software to the web. In addition, he has contracted with the Museum of the United States Air Force to produce audio/visual exhibits and has also contributed to several open-source projects.

  • John-Buscemi-team-member
    John Buscemi

    Few people have held the same job since graduating from college. Even fewer go on to own that company. John, however, lays claims to both exceptions. Starting as an accountant in 1985, John partnered with Chris in 2006 to transform the company into a leading B2B marketing agency. When not lending his media expertise, operational guidance and financial acumen to day-to-day activities, John is traveling to one of his favorite global destinations.


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