Last year, our creative team explored the idea of simplicity by using quotes and creating their own illustrations (shown here). Recently, we decided to embark on another project. But this time, it was open to everyone in the agency!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we sent out a prompt to each of our team members asking them to create a heart using any medium of their choosing. Those who participated could take a photo or create an illustration, design, sketch, doodle, sculpture, painting, origami, collage, etc. The only restriction was that it had to be their own work.

Our team voted on their favorites, but they’re all too good not to share. See below for our winners and all of our entries. Feel free to send us a note to vote for your favorite!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

First Place Winner

Heart Design Poster

Illustration by Kevin Meyers, creative services

Tie: Second Place Winner

nuts and bolts heart

Photo by Devon Taylor, marketing technology

Tie: Second Place Winner

Dog with heart treat

Photo by Kaitlyn Kraus, marketing specialist
Featuring her dog, Bindi (@Bindi_the_Local)

Third Place Winner

Heart Baking Illustration

Illustration by Lauren Murphree, creative services

Winner's Trophy

3D printed trophy

Trophy 3D printed by Patrick McMullen, director, marketing technology

Other Entries

toy cars in heart design

Submission by Chris Houk, client services

heart hot air baloon

Submission by Dan WIlliams, digital design lead, creative services

fruit heart

Submitted by Abbi Kesler, marketing technology

path of the swan heart design

Submission by Stacey Alspaugh, creative services

love heart design

Submission by Peter Gillaspy, creative services

heart stitched wallet

Submission by Jess McClary, marketing technology

less than three

Submission by Mike Bell, VP, chief creative officer

heart cut out pastry

Submission by Lauren Murphree, creative services

heart design

Submission by Jonah Otchy, associate creative director
Originally submitted as a GIF

heart shaped box

Submission by Kindra Beck, manager, strategic accounts

heart coffee mug

Submission by Chris Eifert, principal

heart drawing

Submission by John Acquavita, content development

heart floating balloon man

Submission by Mike Bell, VP, chief creative officer