IIOT illustration

Working on an IIoT campaign? Take 60 seconds to review this list of commonly used IIoT phrases. Then work hard to find the unique stories and words that capture your IIoT value. 

Here Are 33 IIoT Messages You Can Find Just About Anywhere

  1. Drive unconventional growth
  2. Creating new business models
  3. Transform your workforce
  4. (Improve) operational efficiency
  5. Digital transformation
  6. Disrupting the industry
  7. Future ready
  8. Transforming data into insights
  9. Business disruption
  10. Transformative outcomes
  11. Reveal hidden insights
  12. Unprecedented efficiency and production
  13. Transformative operational and financial benefits
  14. Manage assets and operations more efficiently
  15. Provide valuable insights
  16. Greater efficiency and optimization
  17. Deliver new business opportunities
  18. Increasing profitability and productivity
  19. Seize strategic and transformational opportunities
  20. Make customers more productive and efficient
  21. Make informed decisions
  22. Enable breakthrough results
  23. In real time
  24. Smarter, faster business decisions
  25. Driving powerful business outcomes
  26. Solve the biggest challenges
  27. Increase throughput
  28. Reduce operating expenses
  29. Optimize assets
  30. Business transformation
  31. Improve accuracy of decision-making
  32. Customer intimacy
  33. Future-proof investments

Not Sure Where to Start?

Pretty bad, huh? That list took about 10 minutes to compile from just a handful of well-known websites. Let’s just say the industry-jargon machines are churning at an unprecedented rate when it comes to IIoT.

This is especially important to understand when you’re entering a category that just about every other peer and competitor are entering simultaneously. Here’s an excerpt from a recent blog I wrote on IIoT messaging that gives some advice: "Define your IIoT by the work it does and the specific value it can deliver for your customers. If you have a niche, define it and use it to your advantage." You can read the entire blog here.

If you operate in a niche, embrace it. Promise something specific and over-deliver. Create simple visuals in the forms of schematics and infographics which show how your company and its IIoT offering fit into your customers’ big pictures. Large enterprises have expansive technology strategies, so it’s imperative to be able to show how you “plug in” to their environment. You don’t have to look like you created the industrial internet of things; just show how you can help customers further exploit it for their benefit.