Digital and Web
The Strategy

We implemented a comprehensive training tool that covers every aspect of their portfolio and the most important application considerations in hundreds of easy-to-consume videos. Users access content via the web or through native iOS, Android or Windows versions.

A carefully architected experience

We developed content categories that worked across their entire product portfolio.

Crown Equipment Trucks Ipad

Mobile-friendly approach

The app would be accessed primarily from the road, so a simple mobile experience was paramount.

Crown Responsive Design

Well-planned video shoots

Every product required multiple days to shoot, so directors and crews created extensive shot lists.

Crown Equipment Lift Trucks

Smart, on-screen graphics

Highlights and animations emphasized critical information and simplified complex ideas.

Crown Video Smart Screen
The Impact
Hundreds of users routinely access the tool for training and refreshers prior to sales calls. Additional content add-ons at the request of Sales, including application guidelines and competitor data comparisons, are evidence of its perceived value and effectiveness.
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