Campaigns and Launches
Content Marketing
Digital and Web
Video and Animation
The Strategy

Research told us that in AEP’s territories, EVs were seen as luxuries — inaccessible and unsuitable for the routines of typical customers. More Tesla than Chevy. Our strategy centered on making it clear the EV was normal and ready for everyday use.

Starting With the Basics

We defined the major perception issues and inhibitors, and a long-term plan to overcome them.

It's not magic, it's electric unicorn social media

EVs Like Never Seen Before

No stock photos of families and their EVs. Our creative team found a whole new way to show just how normal an EV is.

Yes It's Like That Electric Car Tools and Appliances

Website Strategy for OpCos

We developed a new architecture, assets and content for AEP’s seven operating companies to deploy across 11 states.

AEP electric cars OpCo landing page

Digital Ads and Bus Wraps

We brought the campaign to life with clever animations, digital ads and bus wraps for regional deployment.

AEP electric cars campaign assets

Resources to Support the Team

Articles, blogs, calculators and case studies give account teams confidence to meet with businesses about their needs.

AEP electric cars resources and content hub on ipad screen
The Impact
Every operating company is now empowered to have meaningful discussions with customers, businesses and developers about the emergence of EVs into the mainstream. Ongoing content marketing keeps audiences engaged and AEP top of mind in infrastructural discussions.
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