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The Strategy

A new technological and services platform means new competition and communication challenges. Research showed an opportunity for a new take on IIoT, where a bold branding approach and pragmatic messaging would make it clear a comprehensive IIoT solution was at hand.

Flowserve RedRaven logo creation

The Rise of RedRaven

The insights gained from TriComB2B led workshops, research and analysis drove us to propose a daring concept, which came to life in RedRaven. TriComB2B developed the name, designed the logo and created the brand for this initiative.

A Bold Brand for the Platform

We captured how to communicate the platform’s predictive and protective natures in a brand guide.

RedRaven Brand Guidelines

Content That Captures Attention

A dedicated section of the Flowserve website explains RedRaven technology through video, graphics and content. Easy first steps make the offering real to drive action.

RedRaven website

A Consistent Experience

We applied a uniform user experience to the RedRaven brand across customer-facing touchpoints, including designing a user interface for the Insight Portal, the software application of RedRaven.

RedRaven Insight Portal

Videos Simplify Technical Concepts

Videos describing key technologies like LoRaWAN allow customers to envision applications in their environments.

Perspective From Engineers, for Engineers

White papers, blogs and interviews with subject matter experts offer validation for decision makers.

Flowserve subject matter experts

Virtual Launch Event

Content, video, graphics and media assets helped our client to make a huge impression in the media.

RedRaven virtual event
The Impact
Twenty-four hours after the launch, our client had achieved: coverage from 11 reporters who attended the event; 1,300 visits to their new website section; an overall traffic increase of 17%; and seven requests for discovery conversations with customers.
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