Digital and Web
The Strategy

Realistic, 3D, interactive plants allow users, from oil refineries to desalination plants, to experience our client’s application know-how and portfolio breadth on-screen. Sales engineers also can find critical documents and competitor comparisons.

Detailed, 3D Modeling

Any environment, from refineries and power plants to desalination and beverage plants, can be reimagined as a virtual, 3D setting.

Virtual Plant Design

Custom Content for Every Plant

Discover plant-specific information for every type of equipment and service.

Flowserve Plant Types

Intuitive Navigation to Discover Product Applications

Flowserve and their customers solve difficult challenges and new applications every day. Now their sales force can easily discover and utilize this experience globally, including detailed process diagrams and competitive information.

Flowserve Plant Type
Flowserve Product List
Flowserve Product Details
The Impact
Our client: “We’ve never had anything like this. It changes the way we train sales and talk to customers.” The new tool has been so successful, we also repurposed it in a public-facing, web-based format so customers can experience Flowserve’s application capabilities firsthand.
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