ABM Questionnaire

To determine if account-based marketing (ABM) makes sense for your company, please take 15–20 minutes to answer the following questions. Your responses don’t need to be perfect, but please be as thorough as possible. Once we’ve had a chance to review your responses, we’ll schedule a follow-up conversation to clarify any gaps and discuss appropriate next steps, if applicable.

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1. What business goal(s) do you hope to achieve with ABM? Think in terms of revenue growth, market share increases or other quantifiable outcomes. Be as specific as possible in your description.

3. Do you know which accounts you want to target, or do you need to develop a list of accounts? Whether or not you know which ones you want to target will guide how you might use technology and other tools to identify and categorize the accounts you choose to pursue.

Other comments:

4.  ABM only works when Marketing and Sales have a clear line of sight into sales activities with targeted accounts. Describe the extent to which Marketing and Sales have visibility to sales activities (e.g., access to systems and reports where opportunities, quotes, forecasts, sales history, etc. can be found).

5.  ABM is a joint exercise, so an established meeting cadence provides a great head start. How frequently do Marketing and Sales leadership meet and collaborate?

6.  What marketing technology platforms and measurement tools do you have in place? Think CRM, marketing automation, dashboards and other marketing systems you’re using. Include platform provider names as well as types. Also, if you know of specific modules that are either active or inactive (e.g., some marketing automation systems have ABM module add-ons), let us know.

7.  Anything else you think is important?