Branding and Messaging
Campaigns and Launches
Strategy and Planning
The Strategy

Our research discovered a brand known for quality, purity and manufacturing processes that bordered on overkill, and an ability to comply with stringent product requirements. A new creative platform brings all this to light and separates them from competitors’ content.

Creative that stands apart

Unique visuals and themes capture their brand essence.

Sonneborn Print Designs

A guide to change conversations

A brand expression guide makes it easy to communicate their new position.

Sonneborn Brand Expression Guide
Sonneborn Branded Posters

Standards for global consistency

A brand identity guide provided a standard for consistency worldwide.

Sonneborn Brand Standards
Sales Sheets
The Impact
Our client had a way of developing and manufacturing products that certain audiences absolutely had to have, but that story had been hidden. Now they have a platform for changing conversations with their key audiences, from scientists to engineers to procurement.
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