Branding and Messaging
Event Marketing
Public Relations
Strategy and Planning
The Strategy

We delivered a forward-looking theme (DC Next) and unified booth presence. This set the tone for discovery conversations with attendees — not necessarily about Honeywell Intelligrated products, but about the unique and often very unique needs of customers.

A unified, forward-looking theme

The visual approach and theme were inspired by complex needs facing customers’ distribution centers.

Honeywell Intelligrated DC Next Theme

An interactive booth layout

Digital tools and a control room created an environment where customers could experience new technologies and software.

Honeywell Intelligrated Interactive Booth

Live presentations for engagement

Scripted presentations created a focal point for new products, live Q&A, and a chance for SMEs to engage with customers.

Honeywell Intelligrated Scripted Presentations

Strategic sponsorship and visibility

Our client owned the show presence with purchase sponsorships that maximized their visibility from start to finish. 

Honeywell Intelligrated Sponsorship Magazine
The Impact
Everything we did for this show moved the needle, from creating a high level of employee and booth attendant energy to non-stop customer interactions. Our client reported several qualified, large-scale sales opportunities emerged just days after the show.
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