Digital and Web
Strategy and Planning
The Strategy

We developed a mobile-friendly site with a logical architecture to guide visitors to the right resources. With the use of the Drupal 8 CMS, the site can be easily updated and expanded to adapt to the changes of a growing, vibrant market like the Dayton region.

Thoughtful Planning and Architecting

A better user experience was the top objective, so we undertook detailed planning with our client.

DDC Web Architecture
DDC Wireframes

Contemporary, Responsive Design

Regardless of device, users could experience the full breadth of the site and its tools without difficulty.

Dayton Development Coalition website preview

Third-party Integrations

We integrated tools like Tableau and ZoomProspector to give visitors access to real-time economic development data.

DDC Tableau Data
The Impact
It works flawlessly! Several integrations and third-party tools had been troublesome in earlier websites, but our developers nailed them all. The contemporary design and user experience create a positive impression for potential regional investors.
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