Video and Animation
The Strategy

We convinced our client to think big — to reignite their RV business with a bold video series that would leave every audience, from chassis manufacturers to drivers, wondering why anyone would choose anything but a diesel pusher.

A Carefully Crafted Content Strategy

The series was strategically crafted to focus the audience on four critical performance features.

Driver discussing various aspects of RV features
Spokewoman talking under umbrella

Standout Talent Selection

Evie the RV driver is now a legend within Cummins circles. She delivered an award-winning performance in every scene.

On-the-road Production

Careful scripting and extensive planning made sure our production week in Minnesota was a picture of efficiency.

Map of path traveled and grade sign
The Impact
Tens of thousands of views and ever-expanding uses for each video proved diesel pusher performance was a story worth telling. The videos now now serve as a focal point for Cummins’ recreational vehicle marketing.
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