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Happy Valentine’s Day! People on Valentine’ Day traditionally exchange overpriced boxes of chocolate, flowers and other gifts with their significant others, and then spend their evenings on even more overpriced dinner dates.

Well, not this year, folks! Rather than spend our hard-earned money on frivolities, we thought we’d focus our attention on a certain beloved business to business agency that doubles as our home away from home: TriComB2B. Look, we’re not going to sugarcoat it: much like any relationship, relationships with co-workers and clients take work. But the work we put into those relationships almost seems minimal as compared to what we get out of them.

So without further ado (not to be confused with “I do,” which is another phrase somewhat associated with Valentine’s Day), we present to you the things we love about working at TriComB2B. (These are in no particular order, and the author’s names were deleted for brevity.)

“I love my awesome coworkers and the family-like atmosphere here at TriComB2B.”

“I love learning more about the B2B buyer, understanding what makes them tick, and seeing how much the marketplace has changed over the last five years.”

“My coworkers are my friends — people I enjoy hanging out and having a drink with.”

“My customers are smart and teach me something new just about every day.”

“I smile and laugh a lot when I’m there. Not just a demure chuckle, but a really big gut buster.”

“My work runs the gamut of difficulty because I don’t want to do the same thing every day. Sometimes I like projects that require hours of heads-down concentration, and other times I’m in the right mindset for busy work.”

“I like the professional and personal encouragement for further development, as both an employee and an individual.”

“I’m treated as an adult, able to determine when and how to get my work done, not micromanaged.”

“Help is there whenever I ask.”

“I love the many opportunities to laugh at work. Everyone’s sense of humor makes this a fun place to work.”

“There’s never a sense of dread going to work.”

“I love the opportunities I get here to grow intellectually. I’m surrounded by smart people who are genuinely happy to help me learn and become well-rounded.”

And finally, this last entry comes from a dear co-worker who recently lost her husband…

“What I love about TriComB2B is the warmth, care and friendship exhibited on a daily basis, but this was never more evident than at my late husband’s funeral. From my seat in the front row in the tiny chapel at the cemetery, I looked behind and beside me. Standing shoulder to shoulder were all of my TriComB2B co-workers who came out to honor my late husband and support my family and me. One of TriComB2B’s finest hours!”

One can say there’s a reason TriComB2B is consistently voted as a Best Place to Work, but you just read several of them.

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