Should Your B2B Business Have a Mobile App?

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In this post I won’t go into the details of what the definition of a mobile app is; I’m just referring to any type of application that might work on a mobile device. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on the different types of mobile apps and how to go about deciding which one would be best for your company.

Mobile is important to your company. If you’re not sure of that, here are some articles you should review:

So does that mean you need to have a mobile app? Not necessarily. There are a few questions that you should answer first.

  1. Do your customers use apps? Are there customers you could gain by having an app? Would your customers start using apps if you built one?

    One of the key elements in development strategy is to understand and know your audience. If your customers or potential customers are not using apps and your app would not be enough to convince them to start using apps, than obviously you can skip the rest of the questions.

  2. Can you afford to build and maintain an app?

    Depending on the type of app you choose, apps can be quite expensive and can also require extensive maintenance costs. You might be able to get away with some pre-templated app builder at a cheaper price, but the branding, functionality and quality will be very minimal. It will be hard to come up with a number at this point, but you should have at least a general idea once you’ve moved forward in the process and have a type of app in mind.

  3. Could an app provide value to your customers? Will it solve some problem?

    There are a lot of pointless apps out there that offer nothing for the user or are implemented poorly. Maybe you want to build an app just to build an app. If you have the money to do so, then go right ahead. But if you really want to get your money’s worth, you should come up with something of real value that solves a problem and in doing so, will actually be useful to your customers.

  4. Is there some other technology/tactic that would achieve the same result at a lower cost?

    I’ll write in more detail about these options in a later post, but you may be able to achieve the same result with an HTML5 or a Responsive website. Maybe you really just need a desktop application or an interactive brochure. Be sure that you review all of the possible options instead of just being stuck on a mobile app because mobile apps are the cool thing right now.

Some very insightful additional information on this topic can be found in these posts by Patrick:

I’d love to hear from you. Are there questions that you have asked or think should be asked when deciding on whether or not you should have a mobile app?

Speaking of apps, you know what makes every app a better app? Bacon. Enough said.

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