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Here it is, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” and I find myself even crankier than usual. The reason for my Yuletide dystopia? The nearly universal replacement of “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” as the customary seasonal salutation. It is a vulgarity, a callow capitulation to the ignorance of the pretentious tolerance of those most sanctimoniously intolerant people of all.

Christmas marks the birth of a historical figure who is of central importance for more than half the world’s population. It matters not whether you consider Jesus Christ divine or not; the fact is His birthday is recognized on December 25th. This is the reason for the season and all its aspects, both good and bad. No baby Jesus: no Ho-Ho-Ho, family celebrations, gifts, etc. It really is that simple … and logical.

“What about our Jewish friends?” you ask. Well, wish them a “Happy Hanukkah.” Not only will they appreciate your thoughtfulness, but, in the spirit of ecumenism, they will almost certainly wish you a “Merry Christmas.” Moreover, they’ll be impressed you know something about the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem after its destruction in 165 B.C. and the Feast of the Maccabees, during which a miraculous cruse of oil burned for eight days, leading to the tradition of the menorah.

And what of the non-believers or people of other faiths? Surely, these people of goodwill will practice that most American virtue of all: tolerance. For without the toleration of people with differing beliefs, politics or persuasions, there can be no democracy or freedom at all.

Even if you personally don’t believe in the Christmas story, many others do. Show your respect for them and relish their joy. Loosen up a little and cheerfully wish them a “Merry Christmas.”

Oh, and one more thing. As you celebrate Christmas this year, remember this: It’s not what’s under the tree that’s important, but who’s around it.

To all my friends, Fröliche Weihnacten und Glückliches Neujahr.

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Dear Cranky Communicator, I

Dear Cranky Communicator,

I may be Jewish, but when someone wishes me a "Merry Christmas," I answer "Merry Christmas" right back. Why not? I'm just wishing them a merry day that's important to them, they're offering me a friendly greeting, and I'm hardly offended....why would I expect them to know that I don't mark the holiday (other than eating Chinese food and going to a movie)?

On that note, Merry Christmas (and a happy Hannukah) to all.

It's Christmas, Damn It

Dear Cranky Communicator,
I very much enjoyed your blog and not surprisingly, I agree with your thoughts. I wanted to let you know I am one of the lucky ones who has wonderful people around her tree. Merry Christmas!

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