Our 2013 B2B Research

For more than a decade, we have witnessed a proliferation in the amount of information available to help guide business-to-business (B2B) marketing decisions. A variety of reputable sources has provided us with valuable insights about what other B2B marketers are doing — and why.

But in all the research we had seen, one key element was missing:

What does the actual B2B decision maker or influencer think? Does anyone really understand the issues influencing their considered purchase decision?

We wanted the real answers to these questions — not from marketing peers, but from the actual purchasing influencers. We began our second research project in the spring of 2013 in partnership with the University of Dayton’s School of Business Administration, and our findings are derived from the online survey responses of 443 individuals within industrial sectors in North America. In this second report, we saw consistent themes from the 2011 version, and also discovered new data points about how the B2B buyer is consuming information and making their considered purchase decisions. As our world embraces the digital world and myriad social media outlets, so too does the B2B buyer.

Our research results are provided in the report below, and industry-specific versions are available upon request. Enjoy, and share the knowledge.

The Considered Purchase Decision – What Matters, What Doesn’t and What it Means for B2B Marketing and Sales

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